New D700 from Amazon came today

Started May 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mitchydkid Regular Member • Posts: 306
Re: New D700 from Amazon came today

800 bucks would have got you the D800. In a year you would be lucky to sell the D700 for a grand.
Not sure whos the crazy one here!

I'm guessing he wanted a 12MP camera with a decent frame rate along with $800 in his pocket. Got exactly what he wanted.

I also doubt D700s will go for 1K a year from now. THAT would be crazy and I don't think you would find many D700 owners willing to part with them for so little money.

Until you can get a good FX Nikon for 1500 new there won't be any reason for D700 to drop to 1K. Maybe that is coming though. I doubt it. If there is a new entry level FX it will probably be priced about 2200 as not to be priced right with top end DX. If this is true there will be no pressure to push D700 below 1500.

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