NEX professionalism drawback?

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Client perception is a huge part of the business, deal with it or shoot as a hobby

Client perception is a huge part of any service based industry.

If your wedding caterer served delicious food that was just slopped on a plate, a plate with some chips in it etc, would you only care about the food ?

If your lawyer walked into your trial wearing blue jeans rather than an impressively tailored suit would you only care about his legal ability ?

Photography is no different. Clients expect a professional photographer to have a "professional" camera.

Its not so much the point that the NEX7 has an excellent APS-C sensor. Clients don't know, nor do they care about that. They merely go on the perception of what they usually see other photographers using.

They are spending their hard earned money and want to feel the person they hire is not only using a skill set they don't have, but also equipment they don't have access to. It makes them feel they are getting more for their money.

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