Buy an M9 or M9-P Now?

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Re: Buy an M9 or M9-P Now?

That's a lot of questions. I can tell you that the M9 needs serious evaluation, if you have owned an M camera previously then you can make a more informed decision. If you haven't shot or owned an M, consider renting one or attending a Leica workshop where you can handle the camera. These cameras like all others take time to use it well.

To answer your question about timing of camera purchase, my strategy is to buy it new soon after availability and sell it prior to the next model.

Availability of M10, place your order now, find a dealer who will refund your deposit if you change your mind.

Price and timing is just a guess, nobody knows, my crystal ball is very hazy on this matter.

Peter Sills wrote:

Let's assume that there is an M9-M tomorrow.
Let's assume that it costs at least $8,000.
Let's assume there will be an M10 annouced at Photokina.


How soon after the announcement of the M10 would you expect to see shipments?

Would you buy a "used" M9 today? How much would you expect to pay?

Would you buy a "used" M9-P today? How much would you expect to pay?

How much do you think the M9 and M9-P will sell for once there is an M10?

Need help making some decisions...

Peter Sills
Digital Focus

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