Waht is OpenDNS?

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faster using Namebench, too.

malch wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

The two fastest DNS Servers are OpenDNS Servers, and third fastest DNS Server is a Comodo SecureDNS Server.

I tried running namebench here. I haven't used that one before but I have used some other similar programs.

OpenDNS tests faster using Namebench from here, too (see my notes about other tests in my previous post to this thread that included a link to Namebench -- I just didn't mention that Namebench was what the other test I linked to was named.

Here's what it showed the last time I tested with namebench. I saved the html page with the results on it:


Note that it recommended using (one of the OpenDNS server IP addresses shown in my previous post to this thread for it), and if you look at the tables, the alternate of shown in my previous post for OpenDNS is almost as fast from here (and I've noticed slightly different results when rerunning it anyway, as server and network load will impact the results).

As expected, my ISP's primary name server was easily the fastest. That's the way it should be since all traffic goes over circuits that my ISP controls (not via the public network).

That's not the case with Comcast's DNS servers (and the OP is using Comcast), at least not from Savannah, GA. OpenDNS and Comodo SecureDNS are both faster.

You also get filtering of sites hosting malicious content with DNS Servers like OpenDNS or Comodo SecureDNS (which wasn't included in the last Namebench test I ran, but was in the last test I used today with the GRC program, ranking third behind the two main OpenDNS servers).

I think Namebench may be including Comodo in the newer tests now. But, I haven't ran it lately.

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