Broken red ring on a "L" lens

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Re: Broken red ring on a "L" lens

jrs024 wrote:

Thanks for the reply... In general, how do you like your 24-105. I have considered replacing my 24-105 with a 24-70 f2.8. What do you think?

The only lens I ever sold was also the best zoom I ever owned...the 28-70 f/2.8 L...the predecessor to the 24-70. Why? The extra reach and IS of the 24-105 are just too useful. At f/4.5 it is super sharp. The negs are slight distortion at the extreme ends (correctable) and, of course, loss of a stop.

Before I got the 24-105, the 28-70 was my most used lens. After I got the 24-105, the 28-70 went unused.

The 24-105 is the perfect walk-around lens on FF. Not so on a crop sensor. I never use it on my 7D.

If I can only take one lens on my 5D and 5D III for general purpose people, landscape, street, I take the 24-105.

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