Video with x-pro

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Re: Video with x-pro

Ummm ... sort of what I expected which is a real shame.

It maybe be able to produce great stills - with some skill and a little luck it would seem - but I think it is a real shame that Fuji didn't learn from the X100. If they had produced a camera with quick and accurate auto focus or either a full manual digital camera aka a cheap Leica (Leica cameras by the way I love - use to have an old M8) then I think they would have got a slam dunk. From what I'm reading and the quick in-my hand tests I did with stills (I didn't get chance to play with video hence asking the original question) it was just too much of a pain - now before anyone jumps on me this is purely my opinion and let me say I was really disappointed as I really was hoping this camera was going to get it right.

Still, it's got a great sensor so please Fuji for the x-pro2 sort out the focus issues (either ditch the video or provide full manual control and an external mic socket, audio controls etc) and deliver a camera that is 'all round' great!

Just my 2 cents (well 2 old English pence to be exact)

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