XPro1 - Face Detection?

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Re: XPro1 - Face Detection?

Well, the latest D800/E have 'face detection'. It works quite well (I have the D800E). I am sure a lot of 'pro' uses the D800E. But when I hand the camera to a waiter in a restaurant, I will flip it to AF with FD and I know they wont end up focusing in the background instead.

mr moonlight wrote:

The Xpro1 (and X100) both have one issue that all other digital cameras where you use an optical viewfinder do not have. You cannot see what your focus is when taking photos through it. Sure you can if you switch to EVF, but then what's the point of the camera?

If they added AF Face detection to both these cameras it would vastly improve their useability. It's pretty stupid that it's not there as an option. Sure, I get it, pro cameras don't have face detection and it's sort of a P&S feature made for the non-photographer taking snapshots. Really though, not having face detection on the X100 and Xpro sounds more like elitist crap to me.

Sure, if I could see what my focus was through the OVF I wouldn't ever have a need for Face detection. But since I can't, every little focusing aid would be extremely welcome. For the times I don't want it, I could just turn it off. I doubt anyone would complain.

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