Why is the color accuracy of sensors going down?

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Why is the color accuracy of sensors going down?

I was hoping some of the sensor gurus here could explain this.

DxOMark measures the metamerism index for their sensor tests. According to their explanation, it shows how much a sensor can capture the range of colors viewable by the human eye. 100 is perfect. 50 is like the difference between daylight illuminant and lighting from a fluorescent tube (i.e., pretty bad). Cameras fall under 75 to 85, so aren't very good.

Here are some numbers...and note that it gets worse with newer cameras for any model line.

D4 77
D3X 79
D3 77

D800 78
D700 83

1Ds3 86

1D4 82
1D3 86
1D2 85

5D3 74
5D2 80
5D 84

60D 77
7D 78
50D 87 (what happened here?)
20D 83

Of course we don't know how much variation there is between sensors in the same model, and how many samples the DxO guys test. But there's definitely a downward trend. More resolution = less color?

Is it in the color filters or is there something going on in the RAW cooking before the camera outputs the files?

I'm hoping the 1D X doesn't follow this trend and has great color.


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