Nikon D5100 black image?

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Nikon D5100 black image?

Good morning,

Ive been reading up a lot on the deals to be had with the D5100 and decided to purchase this instead of the D3200. I purchased this last night and played around with it, seeing it worked pretty well. This is my first DSLR.

Yes, ive searched the forums, both here and other ponds in the brief amount of time i had.

so, day 2 with the camera, while sippin on my coffee decided to tinker around with it. the problem arose when i switched to M Mode. I got the black pictures people mentioned previously.

To state the facts,
1. the camera works on other modes (P,A, Scenes etc),

  • takes picture,

  • shows it on live mode (a preview on the LCD)

2. M Mode, tried taking picture of same object in well lit room

  • takes picture

  • live mode shows black screen or picture.

3. Firmware is
A 1.01
B 1.01

L (something like 1.003 or what not, im sorry, i was half way with my coffee )

here are the results ive seen regarding the dreaded black picture problem,

Please tell me its not my shutter broken.

On a sidenote, the camera seems to make a subtle whirring sound AFTER i take a picture, sort of autofocusing even if im still reviewing a picture. Im not certain its related.

So, i guess my question is, with May 2012, can i confirm its still an evident error/hardware issue? Id really like to keep this, but if its a hardware component then i dont see why i should hold on to a lemon.

Thank you very much for the input folks.

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