NEX-7: Sensor dust

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Re: NEX-7: Sensor dust

oswd wrote:

Could a couple of NEX-7 owners post their "dust images" which have been taken using the method ProfHankD suggested earlier in this thread?

Well, since you quoted me, I guess I should....

The easiest way to do this is stop down, out-of-focus and moving during exposure, solid white/gray surface, and turn-up the contrast using autolevels and/or in-camera bump of exposure and contrast. This one's with my NEX-7, 50mm lens at f/16, autolevels in gimp:

Incidentally, I do not consider this bad enough to worry about yet -- nothing shows at f/8 and even f/11 is spotless without excessive leveling. In fact, the darkest corner in the above shot is only about 1/5 stop darker than the brightest area near the center as this came out of the camera.

I've only had the camera a month or so, but it's been through 100+ lens changes and I haven't even given the sensor a puff of air to clean it. Incidentally, once it has been cleaned using any contact method you should expect to see traces of the cleaning when processed like this -- i.e., little diffuse lines (relatively harmless micro scratches or streaks).

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