Sensor cleaning warning.

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Re: Sensor cleaning warning.

Hunh! Speck under the filter?! That might be good news for me. I have an E-PM1 and I discovered a dark smudge in many of my images on April 4th. Bright sky, high f-stops. Went back and looked at older images, now that I knew where to look, discovered it happened about 2 weeks prior. Did a bunch of test images of a blank wall at various f#s. Found some other specks that were lighter. Figured it was a dirty sensor. Bought a Rocket Blower - didn't work. Bought a cleaning kit, read everything I could on sensor cleaning, held my breath and did the deed.

Follow-up tests showed the big dark smudge still present, but all the smaller, lighter smudges (which never really showed up in real-worlds shots) were gone.

So, I concluded I had somehow scratched the filter. Perhaps a grain of sand, or something, had lodged between the sensor and the shutter and scratched it on an activation. It didn't occur to me that something could get between the sensor and the filter!

I've been working around it. 6x6 aspect ratio omits the affected area. Sky is easy to clean up, and you can't notice it in anything with much detail. Only problem is when part of the subject is against the sky or a featureless surface near the smudge, that's a bit more work to fix.

But this gives me some hope it can be cleaned for less cost than replacing a filter. I wonder if it might even be something covered under warranty? Time to call Olympus!

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