What will I loose with the 5Dlll vs. 7D for birding?

Started May 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
MikeFromMesa Senior Member • Posts: 2,849
Re: What kind of birding?

If getting close to the subject is important, and it usually is, the 1.6 factor of the 7D tilts me in its favor. Consider a 400 mm lens on the 7D. It's equivalent to 640. This means you would have to put the 600 on a FF, an enormous difference in weight and price.

While everything you say is true I think it is ignoring the fact that the 5D3 images are about 24% larger in pixel count and can be cropped more aggressively.

I frequently cropped my 7D images at 100% and, although I have not tried any rigorous tests (I cannot now - I traded my 7D for the 5D3) it seems to me that I can get about the same size bird images from the 5D3 through cropping as from the 7D through cropping.

One other thing to consider is that the 5D3 has a silent shutter mode which is pretty effective. While my 7D frequently frightened birds with its audible mirror-slap the 5D3 does not when in silent mode. The shutter may be slower, but it is much, much quieter and, for BIT, that makes quite a difference.

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