NEX professionalism drawback?

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Re: NEX professionalism drawback?

Being that she clearly wasn't interested in the quality of the product you were providing, and more obsessed with the quality of the product you were using, perhaps you should've used your iPad to go to some online stores and show her the total cost of your NEX-7 and Leica lenses.

Personally, I'd forget her. Customer or not, she was irrational. Perhaps in future take along a "big" camera with you as well. Even an old DSLR with kit lens will do. If they insist you use it, take a few shots with it, then take a few with the NEX-7 and ask which they'd prefer you go ahead with...

Like others have said - it sounds like she was trying to find a reason to ditch the photo shoot. Chances are she'd have picked on something else if you'd pulled out a huge SLR. "Are you sure you're doing that right"... (Which would've been even more annoying.)

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