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Re: A suggestion....

Wait a second, are you seriously suggesting that someone typing "photos" into Google would see a "Photos by Chet" website on one of the first pages of their search? If so, you have absolutely no idea how Google works, or else you are just plain out of your mind.

Small time businesses don't get clients off of people making generic Google searches, it's that simple.

Lucy wrote: might want to think about how it will appear in search engines on the computer...a good name might make a difference. You might want to ask this on the ProDigital forum...the professionals might have some suggestions.

For example if you were "Photos by Chet" the 'photos' part would lead folks looking for photos to your website...if you use "Chet's Photos'....who is going to ask Google for 'Chet'.......just a kindly offered suggestion.

Good luck with your venture.

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