D800 with AF issues to Nikon now or wait?

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Re: D800 with AF issues to Nikon now or wait?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Dominique Dierick wrote:

So I'd reckon there has been no global email from the tech dept to all repair centers. Seems very stupid as some badly behaving cameras have been fixed already elsewhere.

Maybe it is "stupid" - maybe it is not.

The point I make is NOBODY (professional or amateur) seems to have posted an image or a link to one at dpreview demonstrating the fault using elementary testing technique.

On the other hand about 30 have posted images ignoring Nikon's guidance on how to use AF sensibly

The main issue with the images is Nikon have upgraded the central AF points and they seem to work where AF failed before. On the other hand with the less efficient outer points AF seems to fail just as often as before with less than ideal AF subjects.

It is a bit difficult for Nikon to respond in a sensible way if, as the images strongly indicate, just about everybody who has complained has chosen not to use AF sensibly with outside AF points

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Leonard Shepherd

99% of photo equipment is good or very good. The main thing to do with it is to learn to use it well.

C'mon I am not here to bag anyone at all, but this statement is just ridiculous, Was there anything wrong with the AF system on the D3s nooo it is amazing and all its points left, right and centre are spot on. If I could change the system over from the d800 to that I would in an instant. Consumers demand Nikon and Canon 'improve' AF systems. How could they sell a new camera unless they said it had a new system.

The truth was that the AF system on the d3s is the best there ever has been, and I would like to hear of a D3s owner that thinks otherwise. I don't think this is a bad camera. I think it has some bugs but you expect that with a new line and lets face facts no-one has had a sensor like this before to deal with, D4 users are having some of the same issues but they are less noticeable, due to the smaller sensor size.

I provided Nikon with RAW images on a SD card to view so obviously since they are replacing the camera they feel that there is something wrong and not my or most peoples technique. All those who have a good copy please stop saying those of us who don't have bad technique. It might make you feel good about yourself but its not productive at all.

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