Waht is OpenDNS?

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Re: Waht is OpenDNS?

If you for some reason need to publish hostnames to the world, such as running a web server, you can add dns entries so that the world can reach your server.

There are different types of records:

An "A" record will take something like http://www.yourdomain.com and hand back the IP address which is really what your browser is looking for.

An "MX" record will tell you what the IP addresses of the mail exchangers (mail servers) are in that domain, ordered by priority if you have multiple ones.

A "PTR" or pointer record is a reverse lookup which will take an IP address and hand back the hostname.domainname.

A "CNAME" or canonical name is just an alias.

There are more records, but these are the ones to concern yourself with if you really need to publish the DNS info publicly. If you are actually setting up your own DNS server with something like the bind daemon, then you will need to also set the SOA (start of authority).

As a final note, some VPN servers allow logins by hostname. If you are on a dynamic IP address, you can use something called Dynamic DNS in which your machine forwards it's current dynamic IP to the DNS server, and it will update the record so that the VPN server can authenticate you.

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