X10 viewed with C-8080 perspective

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Re: X10 viewed with C-8080 perspective

kilometer31 wrote:

Anyone remember the Olympus C-8080? Probably the zenith of "prosumer" cameras before the arrival of consumer DSLRs temporarily crunched that category (now happily revived).

I'm getting my wife the Fuji X10 for mother's day. She happily shoots with the C-8080 -- though it's biggest failing by today's standards is focus hunting and inside/low-light performance. But outdoors in good light, still quite a masterpiece. And a lens that's still talked about with reverence. Surprised to look back to find it was a very respectable 5X 2.4-3.5. And, surprisingly, a 2/3" inch sensor, like the X10.

Just a pang of fond nostalgia.


The C-8080 was my first real "serious" digital camera. As you mentioned, it had a lens and IQ at base ISO that was astounding. Also, it was built like a tank. But also as you mentioned, it had serious limitations. The Oly was instrumental in taking my gear a step further in buying my first DSLR, the Nikon D70. That was a big step up not just in gear, but in investment as well. The Nikon was a very expensive camera at the time. You would nearly get a D7000 now for what I paid back then for a D70.

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