EX1 DOF question

Started May 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
peterjaena Regular Member • Posts: 271
Re: EX1 DOF question

tastroman wrote:

I've had limited luck using my EX1 for portrait photography. Can anyone suggest how to best achieve a shallow DOF with the EX1? If I shoot at the widest aperture and use the longest non digital focal length I'm still not getting the results I'd like. Anyone else had luck.

Due to the small image sensor and the focal length of the lens.... remember the 24mm-72mm is just a 35mm FOV comparison. the REAL focal length is 5.2mm to 15.6mm. W/c will not give you the enough bokeh you need. The only way is when shooting macro. No point and shoot will give you the subject separation you're looking for. The closest will be any of the m4/3 cameras paired with a fast lens.

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