NEX professionalism drawback?

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Re: NEX professionalism drawback?

You pretty much nailed my interpretation of her response. Her tone definitely was as if I was trying to pull one over on her. It still leaves me shy about using the NEX, solely based on appearances.

DtEW wrote:

What happened to you is absolutely unfortunate, but entirely predictable, IMHO. I think it's a case of consumer ignorance and the general crappiness of human nature.


1. An ignorant consumer doesn't know exactly how much he doesn't know. This leads to two things:

A. What little he has seen and his seat-of-the-pants impressions are given undue weight. He sees a lot of Pros and "experts" going around with big black cameras (BBCs).

B. He also veers conservative with his choices, because as much as he has his biases, he is still full of doubt, esp. when he has to commit with his money. He's not willing to give things that challenge his preconceptions much of a chance, esp. when he believes that you may have an interest counter to his own.

2. He gos to Costco and sees relatively expensive BBCs that gives him pause in terms of dropping money on. And he sees small rectangular P&Ss (SRPSs) that are much cheaper in comparison.

Here you come with your small rectangular camera (he doesn't quite understand why there is a sizeable cylindrical lens attached to it. Perhaps this was an option/add-on with the SRPSs that he didn't know about?) An exclamation mark goes off in his head. "Is this guy trying bamboozle me out of a few hundred dollars with what I can buy and definitely do (consider that some people try to shoot their own weddings; the hubris of mankind is legendary) do for myself???"

You bust out your portfolio to make your case. But as much as you try, 1) there's already grave doubt in his mind, and 2) he's rationalizing against you, like "those aren't really his photos; he downloaded them off the internet" or "he's ripping me off by not busting out the big camera, going cheap, and foisting a shoddier end product on me so he can make extra profit".

And there's also the chance that he was on-the-fence about spending money for portraiture in the first place, but decided that it was hard to back out being already there with the photog... until he sees your camera, which creates the necessary doubt in his mind that he desperately clings to (yes, one can cling to doubt) because he really didn't want to spend the money in the first place. But the last part will never occur to him, and in his mind it'll be all about you... regardless of the fact that months from his incident with you, he still hasn't gotten (nor ever will get) the portraiture done.

So that's what I think you're up against if you're using the NEX for professional portraiture. As much as I agree that the 7 is an exceptional tool for this job... the very thing that makes it a great street camera is what works against it in convincing the ignorant to trust you with their time and money.

LoneReaction wrote:

I guess they should sell large foam outer cases for the Nex cameras to make them huge and bulky, lol.

(That might exacerbate some overheating issues. :P)

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