Waht is OpenDNS?

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Waht is OpenDNS?

I ran across a reference to OpenDNS in another post, but it was in a context that wasn't really talking about it per se .

I went to the OpenDNS site, but, for home users, all you get is a button that says 'Get Started'.

I'm not about to click on that button, with no idea what they propose to do, how it works, what changes it makes on my system, etc.

So will anyone enlighten me as to what OpenDNS does, and is it worth it?

I'm running a home network with a router, so I have both hw and sw firewalls, plus the usual anti-malware stuff. We have had few problems with infections, and those have been ably found and eliminated.

Internet access is very fast on our Comcast cable connection, so no complaints there either. (I consistently get file dl speeds in excess of 1MB - yes, cap 'M" - per second, using a 3rd-party dl manager.)

So would OpenDNS do anything that I need?

I did check their list of data sheets, all of which were for the enterprise solutions. Their technical overview was general enough that it didn't help that much either, particularly in making clear whether you had to change your ISP and e-mail provider to them to take advantage of whatever OpenDNS can do.

Thanks to all in advance.

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