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Re: VR advice please

I don't have the data points to opine either way unfortunately. I just wanted to point out that Nikon stated the apparent improvement in low-frequency vibration reduction with the advent of version II of its VR technology.

I also don't have the impedance curves for the VR settings, although this should tell you the answer. As a final note, it will be tripod dependent as some "wobbly" tripods may amplify the response. Since this is low-frequency, a very stiff tripod would likely have near unity gain (i.e., stiffness region).

As Bob GB said, this is low-low frequency territory, like below a few Hertz. It may be that the VR system has virtually no effect in this region.

Mako2011 wrote:

pocketfulladoubles wrote:

Yes, but a Nikon article states that it was with VR II that low-frequency (i.e., the bridge deck moving up and down) reduction was significantly better.

So you are agreeing that he should turn VR on when the platform the tripod is on is vibrating and should also engage Active Mode to perhaps improve it's reaction to up and down vibration. Hope the OP has time to shoot some comparison shots and give us an update. That would be very useful.

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