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As background, I am an avid sports and action photographer for the fun of it, like night shooting (have won a DPreview challenge here for a lighting shot I am happy to say!), and in general shoot for the fun and challenge of it as a hobby.

I had found that my Nikon gear, except for limited use, sat in the bag to the point that when i needed it, I had to re-learn it each time. My other cameras had evolved to only Panasonics, since I was so happy with the image quality from them. So I studied the GH2 with the hopes of being able to really learn one system - I subscribe to the belief that any camera can produce great shots, if you learn it well enough.

I sold all the nikon gear, clearing enough $$$ on EBAY, and bought into the GH2 after much reading on this site and others. I became very worried about image quality as I read more, since so many reviews and comments bash the ability of m4/3 to produce good shots. I specifically wanted to increase my range from my 70-300 nikon lens to a 100-300 Panasonic lens, effectively adding reach distance from 450mm to 600mm to be able to get better baseball, surfing, wildlife etc pictures....and these are exactly the type of shots that the pundants say are poor quality from m4/3.

To my happiness, I have found completely fine image quality in the jpg 10 fps burst mode, and I have made a nice photo series of my son pitching from it --- we are not talking 18x20 pictures here of course!. The RAW image mode produces 4.5 fps i believe, and the effect of the sensor crop factor in reaching a further image is very noticable. I have no image compaints over the Nikon D5100 I owned (I knew my minimal upgrade would be to a D7000, a pricy $1,200).

My GH2 performance rebukes the the written forum criticizm --- and action shots (in good light!) are absolutely terrific once you learn the camera - I can capture a windsurfer lauching, a pelecan breaking the water - things that a camera at 4-6fps can miss, of lets say that I would often miss. The articulated screen is invaluable, I can setup and take shots from my folding chair without alerting all players that the camera is rolling ... plus the video quality is top notch.

WHAT IS MISSING FROM m4/3? I love my leica f2 zoom lens on my LX5 .... so a comperable set of full AF "fast" zoom lenses are still to be made by Panny/leica for m4/3, which I assume will follow.

WHAT ELSE DO I DISLIKE - gotta say, I accept the EVF, but I'm old school and would prefer the optical FV. the EVF with glasses on gets a bit funky as I shift around, when i do that i just trust the AF.


I decided to embrace the technology, learn the system, and enjoy the gear ... my results so far tell me that I will have as good or better action shots and it cannot be dismissed that using one camera more often will let you expand further in your shot taking skill! My GH2 does not sit at home when i travel, is not so noticable to a team of kids, and has given me a whole new set of video skills to learn....I will become a better photographer for it.

I really dislike negative forum posts!
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