D800 Beauty Shot

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Re: D800 Beauty Shot

argh69 wrote:

Christian Wagner wrote:

argh69 wrote:

i do not see anything different in this image than can be taken with any other dslr on the market. what exactly are you trying to show with the d800?

Really? There is another DSLR that can take a 36MP image of this model? Please enlighten us oh great one.

and why would you use F4 when it should have been about f9? only one eye is in focus.

and why haven't you posted a single picture from your dslr that can do everything the d800 can do?

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why would you want a 36mp image of this model, to look deep down inside her NOSTRILS?.....


there you go, 16.1MP for ONLY $100 dollars WOW! it must be better than my d700 because i can print larger with this point and shoot! 30 feet x 30 feet prints here i come!

Hey moron.

Beginner forum is this way ok?

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