Canon FD lenses vs Canon EF lenses

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Re: yes after 1980 'most everything's been multicoated

fermy wrote:

FD 50/1.8 was single coated while they still were using SC and SSC designations. I am not 100% whether they multicoated it in FDn or not. But regardless, SC is pretty good coating, much better than the one on FL lenses, for example.

Canon standardised SSC coating when they launched the FDn range. The 50/1.8 was the exception, though, and it stayed SC only. I don't believe it ever got SSC.

I'm still often chuffed with the results I get from the 'old' FD 135mm f/2.5 SC. Never really run into flare as a problem. I also have examples of the SSC-coated FDn 135 f/2.8 (compact and light) and recently got a 135 f/2.0 (bokeh monster) but the 2.5 still gets a lot of use because of its pleasing colour and character.

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