ISO 100 boosting

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Re: Nice examples but...

Facepalm x10.

What you fail to realize is that this test was only ment to demonstrate the capabilities of the camera and the software, not how to make this particular photo look better.

There are countless other situations where you want more detail in the shadows.

Guy Lerner wrote:

...that's the problem with these comparisons and tests. To my eye the first shot, with some considered cropping, is the most appealing and artistic. Like so:

Everything else just adds unnecessary distractions, and once you add flash the scene loses its magic and ambiance.

Do you remember that saying: a painter chooses what to add in a scene, a photographer chooses what to remove. Isolating the subject through simplicity seems to have been lost in all these discussions on pulling shadows to reveal everything in a scene.

I wish there was more emphasis on artistry and less on being able to see into every shadow just because the sensor can.

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