a top brand worth it ?

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Re: a top brand worth it ?

Just my two cents...

Is there a diminishing return for the "higher end" products? Yes

Are the higher end products "better"? Imo, yes.

Examples: Is there a significant difference between the quality of light from a speedtron beauty dish vs a Mola? In my experience, definitely...and I much prefer the Mola.

For soft, window light on a stick, I just got the elinchrom 150 Inverse octa...and it's "better" than my Westcott 7' octa.

That said, the PLM modifiers from Paul C Buff are fantastic values. And if you shoot Elinchrom....they offer the PLM with an Elinchrom speedring. I just ordered the 86". It's $100 with a diffusion cloth and can you go wrong??

For anyone who has shot with, for example, Broncolor or Profoto strobes with Briese or bron modifiers...the quality of light will make one drool involuntarily. Are the prices for that gear obscene? IMO...yes...but I cant deny it's "better".

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