NX200: JPEG AEB shooting

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Re: NX200: JPEG AEB shooting

the nice thing about the NX line is having a good AEB range. That said, most shooting conditions can be addressed well with 3 shots. Going too extreme in the range can cause blown highlights that may have to be tamed in Lightroom or wherever, before sending the shots into the HDR software of your choice. Taking it further, using a range of 4(+-2) is a typical and useful setting. If I were shooting in the most extreme of lighting conditions, I would take more than three to have nicely graduated steps from both the darkest and the lightest parts of the scene.

I do sometimes post-process in Silver Efex and/or Topaz Adjust.

kennethfong wrote:

i believe you used 3 bracketed combination into one HDR technique... any difference does it make from your experience on developing 7 EV's from single RAW shot? i.e. 0EV, +1EV, +2EV, +3EV, -1EV, -2EV, -3EV ==> photomatix ==> noiseware pro?

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