Nikon D800 , Amazon order cancelled

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Re: I would NEVER buy in a big internet store.

ukat123 wrote:

Do you always need to attack people to feel satisfied. You supposedly live in a place where people have the right to speak up but you cannot respect other people's opinion. Can you. You have to verbally attack people which is so easy on internet as soon as they say something you do not like. It is my right based on my experience to say that Amazon is poor. But that is too much for you to take on. You have to disrespect people and call them goof .

I wasn't attacking you. I was pointing out the sweeping irrational generalization you were making. If that sounds like a goof to me... then deal with it. No need to get so upset and hysterical. I could have said something like "Hey stupid"... but that would have been out of line, and harsh.

Then, don't be surprise if the rest of the world don't give a about what you guys think. Enough said.

I'm not surprised... nor do I care.

Have a lovely day, sir.

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