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Re: MySets - DekHog's help file extracted here.

D200_4me wrote:

I scanned that RTF file after downloading it and Trend Micro says it contains ad-ware....so I deleted it without opening.

Didn't do anything silly for me, I use MS Security Essentials (which seems to find more things wrong than my previous use of the PC clogging AVG) and nothing nasty seen in that file.

Soon (in a few days) I will re-digest that file and add to my page summarising the MySets for the various Pens/OM-D http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~parsog/olyepl1/25-epl1-custom.html

Here's the slightly shortened text extracted from DekHogs file..............

What is MYSET?

MYSET is the ability to save frequently (or infrequently) used settings in the camera in a bank of SETS - invoking the numbered MYSET will bring all the settings you saved back instantly. My own E-PL2 has four MYSETS; other bodies may have more or less.

How to start using MYSET?

The best and easiest way is as follows - set the camera to your normal shooting settings; whatever you most commonly use, and this will be saved as MYSET1.....assuming you have now set your normal settings, follow the screenshots and text below:

Press the Menu button > Use the arrow/dial and OK button to enter the RESET/MYSET menu as shown below.

Now navigate to MYSET1

Now arrow/button RIGHT and you will see the screen below

Now press the OK button - your normal shooting settings are now saved as MYSET1.

It's very good practice to always go into the menu and activate MYSET1 each time you turn the camera on - this can save a bit of a disaster as you could have changed settings previously that you have forgotten about and still be shooting with them. With a bit of practice it takes about three seconds to do this.

How to add further MYSETS?

Set your camera to your now saved MYSET1 (see below for how to do this); now change whatever you like; Bracketing; Auto ISO; Flash settings; anything. Now follow the steps above to enter the MYSET menu once more. Now navigate to MYSET2 > Arrow/Button right > Press OK button. Done. You now have a totally different set of camera settings in MYSET2. Any further MYSETS are set in the same way.

How to apply previously saved MYSETS?

Highlight the MYSET you wish to invoke and press the OK button. You will see the screenshot below: Arrow up to 'Yes', then press OK again, and the MYSET is now invoked and active.

There seems to be some confusion regarding the difference between saving settings as MYSETS and invoking previously saved MYSETS. If you are in the main MYSET menu shown below, the easy way to remember what does what is this.

Pressing 'OK' on any of the four mysets will invoke this previously saved MYSET; makes the saved settings active. If you arrow/button right in this menu, it means you are going to save the current camera settings as the highlighted MYSET number. DON'T arrow right if you don't want to save. If you save three MYSETS as shown above and are happy with them, you NEVER need to arrow/button right again unless you want to save a change in settings.

A Few Points To Note:
MYSETS only apply to PASM modes

Stating the obvious: If you set your MYSET in 'A' mode, and are not in 'A' mode when you invoke it, the camera obviously can't physically change the mode dial on your camera, but..... if you assign a MYSET to a custom function button, the camera can/will override the dial PASM setting while the Fn (or other custom assigned) button is depressed.

If you change settings while in a MYSET and turn the camera off, the changed settings will be retained upon switching it on again - get in the habit of invoking MYSET1 on turning the camera on and you won't be caught out with this.

You can save virtually any settings in a MYSET - very few settings are global, and really none that will effect you for photography (there are a list of these settings in your user manual; the same one you now can't find as you followed the first part of this tutorial very carefully).

A few things that would be very useful but aren't available:

The ability to rename the MYSETS.
The currently in use MYSET number to be shown on screen somewhere.

The ability to export MYSETS to your memory card or computer and import them again.

I'm sure a lot of you know all the above anyway, but spare a thought for those who are unsure or new to Olympus cameras.

P.S. Sorry about the rubbish screenshots..... (Nikon Coolpix).

I hope that helps........ regards........ Guy
[edit... Derek used the E-PL2 for this, the later cameras all seem the same]

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