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Re: Battery grip shutter button gets confused with HG ZD

TrapperJohn wrote:

I've seen this happen once or twice. Don't know that it's restricted to the grip/HG ZD combo, but that's the only time I've seen it.

Once in a while, pressing the grip shutter button does nothing.
Power off/on clears it and the grip shutter button works again.

Haven't seen a pattern to this yet. Only happened three times in two weeks of getting used almost every evening - hard to put this little beauty down.


Interesting, and if possible to replicate for other users it certainly is a bug, and a kind of nasty one. I have the grip but not any ZD lenses (I understand it as you are talking about Olympus ZD lenses for 4/3 cameras) anymore. I went FF for a period between 4/3 and now micro 4/3.

I hope other users can chime in. What ZD lens(es) have you been using experience the delayed focusing - release? Does it always fire after a delay or does it also happen your camera gets totally locked up until you reboot it?

thank you for posting,


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