People say the OM-D menus are too complicated

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Re: Fn1 button, right?

Or the D3 or E3. Hold down the button(s) on the left, one wheel gives you number of shots, the other gives you the gap.

This is not rocket science and Oly have done it right before.

It doesn't appear to be just bracketing either, there is no way to assign drive mode to a sensible button that I can see.

You have two buttons (of three, which is not enough), video and FN2, but as far as I can see only one useful function can be assigned to them - ISO. Which I've put on video. That leaves me with FN2, and nothing to put on it. Bracketing? Drive mode? Nope, not available, just JPG related dreck.

The basic interfaces of this camera is a delight, but dig deeper and it seems pretty dumbed down. It looks very configurable, it is certainly complex, but you can't actually configure it any useful way...

Before anyone accuses me of trolling however, it is a lot better than the GH2's single control wheel lash up.

Jonas B wrote:

PeterNMIF wrote:

That button is so hard to use ergonomically but the only one that can be programmed for "myset" which is the only way I can get bracketing through the direct button appoach.

No different than what was on E520 and E620 and everybody complained about bracketing back then, too. And with more people now bracketing for the HDR look, I was hoping they'd streamline this a bit. I love the implementation I get on my GH2 for bracketing.

Or how Pentax does it?! (My last Pentax was the K10D and it was a one second job picking bracketing, the number of images and the exposure difference between them.)


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