Wideangle for Video.

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Re: Wideangle for Video.

In terms of how wide you should go, this really will just come down to preference.

This is always difficult to figure out because you won't really know until you have the lens. Personally, 17mm is as wide as I have ever wanted to go even for landscapes and very wide scenes. Really the wide lenses are only useful for that or something where you just can't move further back from the subject. For anything else 35mm (or whatever the equivalent would be if using a crop factor) is better for everyday shooting as it doesn't tend to distort the image like a wide angle can.

But then again, I'm sure there are those who will say that they couldn't live without something wider.

As for those particular lenses, I can't give an opinion on them myself. My main 2 considerations when buying a lens for video shooting are that it's of reasonably quality and has a smooth focus ring. Weather sealing, a large maximum aperture and a smooth zoom ring are also nice but not always necessary.

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