5D3 compared to D800, 1DX [PART 1]

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The increased DR matters to me a lot.

Excellent review really, thank you for this generous effort.

I think the increased DR of the D800 is really THE one advantage it has over the 5D Mark III that matters. Someone said in response to this post that one cannot overlook the increased DR. I concur on that point, no doubt. I cannot count the number of relatively "higher" DR photographs I refuse to take on account of the work it is going to be in post. So, this is big for me. If the Mark III was equal in this regard, I would not even look at the D800.

But, I do. I own the 5D Mark I and the Mark III is the camera I was waiting for when the Mark II came out. I did not get the Mark II. I still love my 5D for its output and its ergonomics and interface. I am very much like the OP when it comes to the looks of the two cameras. I really dislike too many buttons. That is why I was never interested in Nikon before. So the market appearance of the D800 complicates my upgrade path quite a bit. Also, at the risk of upsetting a few posters here, I do not think that the extra $500 is a smart move from Canon: they could have changed course before releasing the price of the Mark III. Now, it would really look weird. It is not that big of a deal, but it is still really annoying.

I am sure the next iteration of the 5D (even if it is not called this) will be something special. But it took over 3 years from the 5D II to the III. I don't really want to wait 3 more years. I still use quite a bit of negative film in medium format, precisely for the extended DR, and I am quite tired of scanning.

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