What is the 'ideal' light color

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Barrie Davis
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The current Standard "Daylight" Illuminati..

drh681 wrote:

the base referrence for color temperature is daylight. Probably above 40° North Lat...
Probably between 10 am and 2 pm.
just a guess based on the location of camera and film manufacturers.

For a long while the standard daylight that mattered to photographers was "Mean Noon Sunlight at Washington DC".

However, it's different now.

The standard Daylight Colour Temperature, in so far as there is one, is called D65 (6500K) but which is actually now known to be close to 6504K .... like anybody would notice!!!


But you will notice that the highest emissions are in the the 'long' end of the Blue wavelengths. Daylight is high in Blue, not flat.... just as "Tungsten" is high in Yellow/Red, not flat.

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