E-M5 - the pro-spec E-6x0 - three years and one mirror late

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Tim F 101 Senior Member • Posts: 1,020
now you've done it

Allow me to recap the billions of pixels that already gave their lives to this godawful endless Battle of the Somme Zooms.

  • Zooms of sufficient quality can replace a kit of primes and even be superior for some purposes. The idea that a zoom cannot do a pro-quality job is a lingering prejudice from the Reagan years when zooms all blew goats.

  • Micro four thirds has a superior wide zoom and decent long zooms that substitute for the system's non-existent long primes, but (so far) it has no normal zoom that can compete with its best prime lenses.

  • Primes of sufficient quality can do a finite but nontrivial number of things that zooms do not. For example: ultra-narrow DOF, perspective control, very close macro.

  • Plus, if a user is willing to limit focal length flexibility somewhat, he or she can save weight and money in buying one or two very good primes.

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