D300s + sb600 + YN460 = no wireless flash?

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Re: Try this one

Quantum Help wrote:

Use all three (pop-up, SB600 and the Y) in manual mode. The commander will fire and trigger the SB600, which when it fires should trigger the Y. If this doesn't work, then you may need to get a second SB600.

This won't fly unless you dial down the power of the YN-460 to half power or less.

The Nikon commander fires multiple flashes before the shutter opens, and the second of these flashes will trigger the YN-460 (in S2-mode). If it fires at full power, all its charge will be spent.

The SB-600 will fire correctly, as instructed by the Nikon commander, but since the YN-460 already have fired, it won't fire again.

However, this may work if you dial down the power of the YN-460, so that its got juice left to fire when the SB-600 fires. But only being able to use an already weak flash at half power is no way to go.
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