D90 still worth it now over the D5100?

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Re: D90 still worth it now over the D5100?

nick1983 wrote:

some things some ppl mentioned but not discussed here is that what is the phase out day for d90 - if that is close - the upkeep for old cams may be difficult - definitely for old cams

I doubt spare parts will be an issue for the D90 not for some years.

also comparing the image quality - 80% of ppl would accept and not be able to differentiate between the images until fully blown - bot d90 and 5100 would go touch to touch in all manners

Nobody really debates the 16mp CMOS is a better sensor

on board flash commander is also then used by a small count of users as ppl trying to best and balancing the cost dont buy any external gear
more over 50% ppl live with the only standard lens and not buy a new lens

Personally I can't see this as a reason for the D5100 to be so cut down. Folks do buy second cameras and I'm not about to lose my flash functionality by putting in on a D5100..

it is the pro level brain which brings out discussion of 2 dials and cls and af motor and stuff - amateurs should not be afraid of these as 3100 3200 5100 etc are our cameras - low cost - awesome performance - light weight - sturdy enuf - what fun unimaginable

Same can be said for any camera they're all pretty good really in terms of you can capture images.

ppl buying d3100 or 5100 have to aim on to the dxxx series next and not worry about missing the d90 as with evolution of technology - older gear would be replaced by new ones and costs would decrease every day so dont worry about the 50mm 1.8 - until you get used to the standard gear in a year or 2 some thing better would await

it may not always be good to buy new gear if old gear is available cheap - but imagine the satisfaction of using the 50mm 1.8 manually - that u learn with tis experience cannot be done by the screwdriver of d90 - which i believe

Depends on what you are doing I think the in body motor is useful for some, granted Nikon have updated the lens range but it's far from complete though. Choices are there and more of them for users who have the in body AF motor

It might not be a huge issue for new buyers, but it's still a bit strange IMO that Nikon removed the motor. Maybe in 5 years time it would be of little consequence.

better buy a cheaper one - practice creativity - 90% wud be satisfied w/o screwdriver or cls - those not satisfied wud be making good money to jump to semi pro cams of even pro ones - all d best to those group

I agree buying a tasty camera won't make great shots, but I think the choices people have warrant investigation. I find the D5100 not only too cut down, but the VF is frankly terrible..that on it's own is enough to say no thanks

remember its not the camera but the brain behind the view finder which does most of the magic

That goes without saying

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