American Bittern (2 images)

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Digirame wrote:

Those are nice captures Kim. Did you remove the yellow tint? The grass seems more of a natural color now.

Yes I did do some color adjustment, not for a tint but for a yellow cast in the shadows. Because of JBs reply I took a closer look and the histogram indicated some yellow cast in the shadows and also reminded me that I need to pay more attention to not getting in a processing rut. JB and others have often assisted me with good critique. A few replies earlier then JBs mentioned brightness and so I was going back and looking at that (the right side of the histogram) but I was neglecting to look across the board (to the left side of the histogram).

As far as brightness goes I also tried bring that down but that is not where I want the image to be as shadow detail is then hidden and as it is as it looks fine on this monitor that has been adjusted to include the ambient light. I do appreciate and consider the critique mentioning brightness too though. As they are it is a fair representation of the light of the day and my eyes and the histogram indicate exposure is proper.

Often I view images on the Internet that IMHO are to dark and with detail of shadows hidden. I suspect that is because those showing them are trying to hide noise that may otherwise be apparent rather then addressing that noise with some other technique. I say this because if those images are taken to software have some play with and exposure is increased the noise appears. I make it my choice to address noise with other technique.

I saw some small shoreline birds on Saturday and decided to just sit down by the edge of the water (about five feet away from the water) and wait for them. Surprisingly, after enjoying the outdoors for some time, these three little birds came along, right past me. But as they saw me, they went by pretty fast. I had a fast enough shutter speed to capture them. It's kind of like fishing...sit down and wait and hope we get lucky.

I've noticed that if I'm sitting down that it's better than when we are standing up. I think we are perceived as less of a threat that way. Have you noticed that?

Good way to do it Dig. Yes it is kind of like fishing, spend the time and sometimes you catch the quarry and sometimes NOT. Sitting generally is better and IMO that is because it makes us less threatening to the critters. Where you sit makes a difference too and often a position setting still in front of a tree or other cover is a better position then in back of same.

Also watching out of the corner of our eye rather then direct eye contact is a big plus. Critters often accept having predators around, know they are there and are watching them too while accepting that if the predator is not hunting them they are pretty safe. Direct eye contact from the predator is a Red Flag of danger though and often causes flight.

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