D800 - Not much better then my D300s, what am I doing wrong?I received my D800 but th

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Re: D800 - Not much better then my D300s, what am I doing wrong?I received my D800 bu

Lance B wrote:

I don't know what advantage you're expecting from the D800 over the D300s.

The benefit of the D800 are mostly:

  • high ISO advantages - to enable higher shutter speeds to stop action, especially in low light, fo sport or birding and the ability to be able to shoot in very low light situations. The high ISO ability of the D800 is quite outstanding and I dare say a good 3 stops advantage over your current D300 as far as high noise is concerned. There is a 2 stop advantage in DR at pretty much any ISO according to DxOMark.

  • croppability advantages due to the high resolution - this allows it to be used as a DX camera for "reach" as the resolution in DX is the same as that of the D7000 and more than your D300, the D800 cropped to DX has 16Mp, your D300s has 12Mp. This means that it can be used for sports and wildlife etc.

  • better AF speed and accuracy - for sports and wildlife

  • a few possible ergonomic advantages - better speed of use and customisability

The D800 will not make you a better photographer in the sense that it will help you compose better photographs. It may make you better due to the advantages listed above, ie faster more accurate AF, the fact that you can crop etc, use it in low light due to high ISO ability, but the ability to take better photographs is still up to you. I also think that VR works better on the D800 than my D7000 and D700.

If you are just taking photos to be viewed at web size, do not need high ISO, or croppability for "reach", then you may see no real advantage of the D800.

If you can't see any advantage, then the D800 is possibly not for you
Lance B

Lance, I greatly appreciate the input and everything you mentioned here is something that is valuable to me. And I wasn't expecting the D800 to make me a better photographer If you are referring to the other photos on the site they are mostly old and I don't keep that site updated nor have I pointed anyone to it in the last year, this was the only place that I wanted to throw some test photos.
Thanks again,

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