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PhotoByRichard wrote:

Thanks for everyone's nice comments and support. I'm glad you guys enjoy this thread. So here is another new photo... trying out the camera's liveview mode..

If you take a DSLR with you when you go out with friends or family, normally you will be the only one that taking photos asyour family members or friends probably don't know how to operate a DSLR (what do you mean by i can't use LCD to take photo?). But D800's much improved liveview mode makes taking photo a lot easier and similar to a compact camrea.

The contrast detection in D800's liveview mode is a lot faster. It is not as fast as some of the latest mirrorless cameras but it is a fast enough to be used everyday for people who can only shoot using the LCD screen.

The new 91000 RGB pixel metering system helps doing the face detection and tracking. The face information is also used to adjust the exposure. While I still need to dial in a bit of exposure compensation, the frequency and amount of exposure compensation i need to adjust is a lot less than before. Overall the metering system is a lot smarter than D3/D700's 1005 RGB metering system.

So with all these improvements, you can now give the camera to anyone in the family (or even strangers, just make sure they won't run away with your D800) and they can take some nice family photos easily.

I took this photo in liveview mode. Turned on Face detection. I use the LCD screen to compose the photo and the camera detect my daughter's face straight away. I press the shutter button and the camera focus on my daughter's face accurately. Also the exposure seem pretty good even though there is strong backlight on the right hand side.

Let me guess. Mission Bay, movenpick.

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