Did Nikon make an EPIC BLUNDER?

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Re: Hi, Im an ignorant sucker!!!

Danel wrote:

But, but, but, how can you take photos at all with out depth of field preview and exposure bracketing? Don't you know that a bottom of the line DSLR is virtually useless without those very, very heavily used features? How in the world could a beginner learn anything at all about photography without using DOF preview and exposure bracketing on all of their shots?

Problem is the issues extend far beyond that.

What's the point of buying a body like this if I mount my flash and it can't do half what it can on another body, for no other reason than Nikon's crippling?

It's not one single issue, but multiple ones. Add to that mount a D lens no AF..wonderful isn't it?

Actually a DOF preview is very useful not just for new but more experiences users. You can use any camera to get nice shots, but this one is cut down to the point where it's a non starter for many.

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