Dpreview studio test shots (including ACR conversions) now published

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Optimum ISO?

Very interesting to run the comparison against itself at other ISOs.

I think the default RAW conversion seems optimised at ISO800.

I expect though that a good deconvolution algorithm could swing the balance back in favour of ISO200. Possibly just a "smart sharpen" in PS would do it.

At any rate, these files are very, very impressive at ISO800 and ISO1600. I'd take them over the D800 and 5D3. They remind me somewhat of the Foveon files in that they look like they will cope very well with uprezzing and deconvolution.

There do seem to be artifacts at 3200 and 6400 which do look like too much NR - although they actually remind me more of the kind of "squirlies" (technical term) you see with fractal uprezzing than conventional NR smearling artifacts. I suspect this may be more of an issue with the algorithm used than the files themselves.

Darn it all. I was hoping not to have to get an XPro1.

On the plus side, the X100 is still knocking it out of the park for me. I think I can wait to see this sensor in an upgraded X100. Give the boys at Adobe and DXO time to work out the kinks in their conversion algorithms. I suspect the 6x6 matrix is proving to have some very interesting technical challenges behind it.

If I owned an XPro1, I think I'd have it set to ISO800 as the default ISO. Darned impressive!

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