Cheap IPS monitors vs. TN

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Re: Cheap IPS monitors vs. TN

Have you checked out the cheap korean grey market monitors?

8 bit IPS, glossy, 27", 2560x1440, 310-450 shipped, depending on model and features.

You can get a squaretrade warranty on them if you like for about 50 bucks.

I own a Yamakasi catleap.

A- grade LG panels - the ones that don't get shipped to Dell and HP.

Monitor lottery for a few dead pixels or slight backlight unevenness. My Yamakasi is near perfect - no dead pixels that I can see after a quick look, and only a slight 1" wide horizontal band of dimness at the bottom of the monitor that shows up only if the brightness level is set at less than 80%.

If you can live with slight imperfections, these are the best deal out there, IMO.

I bought mine when they were 400, but competition has brought prices down. A STEAL at 310+ bucks.





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