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AF goes to one end for no reason

I have my OM-D for 10 days. Last night this strange thing occurred - while I was using liveview to shoot random things at home, suddenly the 12-50 kit lens AF automatically goes to one end (probably infinity instead of closest focus, but not sure).

  • OLED Liveview shows a blurry picture due to being out of focus

  • The camera itself seems to operate normally, just the AF is no longer functioning

  • Pointing the camera to different things with high contrast, then half-pressing the shutter does not cause the AF to move at all

  • Settings: A-Mode, S-AF, AWB, Natural Sharpen -1, IS 1, face priority default

After turning the camera off then on, everything is back to normal. Although I don't think I have pressed any button to cause this behavior, but if anyone knows a certain button or function may cause this I'm interested to learn about it. The buttons are still default, I have not reconfigured them yet.

(In retrospect I should have experimented with other things like MF, checking the EVF, etc. but I didn't.)

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