Who else upgraded to the D700 after the D800 came out?

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Re: Who else upgraded to the D700 after the D800 came out?

I just bought 2 more D700s for use with my waterhousing. I'm a surf photographer, and custom waterhousings are as expensive as the cameras they are built to protect. I look forward to getting a D800 sometime during the next year, but the D700 will be my bread-and-butter water camera for some time to come. The D700 is a fantastic camera. Don't succumb to the D800 hype - the D700 offers way more than most still shooters will ever need.

There's a thread somewhere here in which the OP is asking for advice about what lens to buy to put on his D800 (he says that he can afford only one). This is really putting the cart before the horse, if you ask me. A lightly used D700 and one or two killer lenses would cost about the same and offer way more possibilities.

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