Yellowstone holiday advice sought

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Re: Yellowstone holiday advice sought

We went to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons in 2010. Some of my pictures are at: !i=1673503589&k=T6ZBWTk
and !i=1670992645&k=rvpQbVq

The EXIF info is available by clicking on the "i" button on the popup that appears when hovering over the picture. All pictures should have GPS coordinates so the pictures can be "mapped" by clicking on the "map this" button. The panoramas were created from multiple pictures using Autopano Pro.

The equipment required depends on what type of pictures you are after. I used a 300 mm lens for many of the animal pictures. The Nikon 18-105 kit lens was used for a lot of the landscape/scenery pictures. I had a 10-20 mm lens, but didn't use it much. Part of the reason for this is that I just didn't want to carry multiple lenses on hikes. It was also extremely valuable having a good tripod. Even with the tripod it took good technique to get really sharp pictures at 300 mm.

Camping was more convenient than staying at lodges since there are more campgrounds that are closer to the locations we were interested in visiting, and we could easily change campgrounds if we wanted to change locations. However, you need to get to a campground very early in the morning to get a site.

We thought we would be spending most of our time looking at the scenic areas, but ended up spending more time viewing wildlife. We would get up at 4:30 AM and drive to a good wildlife viewing area before dawn.

All in all it was a great vacation. You should really enjoy it.

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