1200 fps is NOT True

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Re: 1200 fps is NOT True

400fps Works Properly.

I did a lots of tests, the last test with analogue oscilloscope confirm this problem.

I did another test, I put a disc with black and white radial stripes on an electric motor,
and I take a video ad 1200fps.
Result: Every Frame is duplicate!

I suppose 2 things:

1) It was a bug in the firmware (the J1 have 2 processor; may be the firmware copy the same frame from one processor only). A solution is possible.

2) For some reasons it's impossible to recording at 1200fps, maybe bandwith limit, or time to compress each frame; and this is a "workaround" waiting for next model, because in this case, there is NO solution.

I did contact Nikon about 2 months ago,
they wrote me, that problem exists!!, And they will work on new firmware.
I post this message, because I don't want to wait more.

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