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rodbam Veteran Member • Posts: 9,046
Don't worry Irv, I still luv ya mate.

The chemist seems to have a set against Ross Hardie but from what I have seen Ross is the most genuine of all the ink resellers. If he makes a mistake in a video he doesn't cut it out he just corrects his mistake & carries on, I find this very refreshing & it's also a great learning curve to see something not work & how he got it to work.

One I remember was when he was refilling his brand of cartridges & the printer wouldn't recognise one of them, he took it out & gave the contacts a wipe & it still wouldn't work. This happened about three times until he spotted a drip of ink on the contact & once he cleaned it off the cartridge worked fine.

Now how many resellers would have left that in the video? Not one I would say & that tells me a lot about Ross Hardie & that he has nothing to hide.

I have never bought anything from him as yet because I have been using IS inks from Mike (Precision Colors) but I do use his site to learn some things & the Pharmacist would be horrified to know that I would recommend Inkjetcarts to anyone even though I've never used any of their products:-)
Regards Rod

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