T3i 18-135mm or D5100 18-105mm?

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Re: Rubbish - you're not helping the OP

Have you tested the years-old 18-105mm against the brand new Sony 18-135mm? I think that would be pretty tough to do considering the lens doesn't even exist yet, it's slated for announcement on May 17th and even if it is "only" as good optically as the 18-105mm, it would still be better due to having a loner reach.

This is a statement demonstrating your complete lack of knowledge of the 18-105 VR. It's optical credentials as an exemplary lens are well known to anyone who cares to find out. Check out Photozone.de's review for one. User anecdotal evidence merely reinforces this. It would be fair to describe the 18-105 VR as a benchmark against which other lenses are judged.

If Sony produce a lens even close to the 18-105 VR in optical capability it would be remarkable. Surpassing it is unlikely as few lenses of any type or make can equal the 18-105 VR, and even fewer beat it.

Incidentally Pentax, one of the most respected names in photography, attempted to emulate the 18-105 with their own 18-135 WR and it was a long way short of the 18-105 VR. Canon's 18-135 is good, but still not quite up to the 18-105 VR optically. If Pentax and Canon can't match it, don't assume that Sony can. If they can I'll be happy to acknowledge it, but it's a fence they've yet to approach, let alone jump.

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