I really need your help .... birding with EM-5

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Re: I really need your help .... birding with EM-5

Bob Magluyan wrote:

I searched both DP Review forums and the internet in general and can't get a clear answer to this question:

Can anyone with the Oly OM-D EM-5 and who is a birder share their experiences with using this camera for birding? I am most interested in BIF's but also shoot static lifers. I currently use a full frame (original 5D) as well as 1Ds II. I really want to chuck these because of the weight. So, any experiences you share will help me with what I feel is a HUGE decision (for me).

Thanks so much in advance.

Once i got the locking focus problem sorted it was a much more pleasant experience I managed a couple of pics of the native hens (images on flickr and another of my posts here so I will not duplicate them here)

I am heading for a seaside town today so hopefully, weather permitting, I can try my hand at some of the basic easy BIF (seagulls and terns if they are still around ,may have migrated by now)

If I have any luck I'll post here again
from Tassy

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